Beijing is quite the transient city, where often times you don't even know if or when you'll see each other again.  Some fall in love and leave the city; others are looking for an adventure, to find themselves, while others have found careers here, that sometimes includes going down the path of starting a family.  Whatever the case, we're all here for one reason today to cheer for our team the Beijing Barbarians!

Needless to say, refs take favorite to say the least--where free kicks and cards are thrown around when expats are playing a Chinese team, but this time was not much different with two expat teams.  Despite the few unfair calls made, there was no way around keeping 'em back.  

Last weekend my friends, the Beijing Barbarians played an absolutely kick ass game against Africa United.  They made the victory seem like a breeze against the undefeated team of 2 years. That's f*cking right, two years 'til now ;) Thank you Beijing for providing a clear and crisp Autumn setting for the game, unlike the previous weekend with an AQI of 300+ (but a game where we came victorious AS WELL).  A hip hip hooray and three big cheers to the Barbarians for the last weeks' victories, and for this next weekend's as well ;)

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Keep it up! Stay humble, stay bold.

♡ Daisy