Inner Mongolia... No Wait.. Bashan, Hebei Province China

My friend Mona organized a trip for us to go do some China exploration! Originally I thought we were going to Inner Mongolia, but when I arrived and asked the gentleman leading me with the horse if he were Mongolian... I was just given an odd expression T__T guess we never made it to Inner Mongolia! HAH! Anyway, here are some photos.  We only stayed one night, but this is how the Chinese spend a weekend away from home.  Of course, there was a fresh lamb roasted for dinner along with some Chinese styled Karaoke and a bonfire to end the night, but I'll spare you guys from that ;) And to finish the trip off, we woke up at the crack of dawn and busted our butts up the hill to watch the Bashan sunrise :) I'm so lucky to have these wonderful colleagues.

♡ Daisy