Thanksgiving Times 3

Thanksgiving is not a phenomenal ordeal that happens in my family/families, but it is always such a warm and pleasant time of year.  The brisk chill outside is a warning to Christmas, and Christmas is definitely good.  I feel as though Thanksgiving is the journey part of the saying "Getting there is half the fun" (Fun being Christmas & New Years).  Thanksgiving is also awesome because of all the turkey, stuffing, and potatoes...god how I love potatoes ESPECIALLY if they're mashed.  I guess in general I just love to eat.

This year, I was fortunate enough to have 3 Thanksgiving meals prepared for me--all I had to do was bring the vino!  First off we went to my best friend's parent's house, where we had a wonderful vegetarian Thanksgiving with Tofurkey prepared in a slow roast marinated IPA (courtesy of Nika Lin).  Second, we went to my Uncle Charlie's Parents' (Bernice & Karl's) house for the traditional feast of home made everything including rolls, mashed potatoes, stuffing, beet salad, duck, turkey, and splendid finger foods.  Bernice & Karl's place is where I have been for the last few Thanksgivings, but this year I had one more stop.  Lastly, and definitely not least, I moseyed on over to my Dad & May's place with my sisters and friends.  He told us he had prepared the turkey from scratch...definitely believed him for a whole 10 seconds hah!  But he does deserve credit for the vodka infused plum liquer he and May had been prepping for months from home grown plums :)

To end the night, my best friend Nika & I hit the outlets for Black Friday at Midnight...I never buy anything but Black Friday Ritual seems to be the threshold to the holiday season; it's kind of like when Luke passes the threshold and becomes a Jedi but slightly less epic.

Anyway, here are some photos snapped throughout the night! Enjoy & Happy Christmas to everyone :)

 Delicious Tofurkey

 My grandparents 
 Reeba (Bernice & Karl's Dog)

Uncle Charlie, Pete, and my cousin Henry all candid of course

 I also like dogs, I'm not a (completely) psycho cat lady

Plum infused creation/elixir/potion/liquor

Thank you for reading, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with Love