Happy Birthday Alexis & Reptiles are SO COOL...

Sorry ya'll, it's been a while since I've posted! BUT... I do have a lot of photos to share with you this time.  Last month was one of my best friend's (Alexis Park's) 24th birthday.  We took a small journey to Camano Island, then to Leavenworth through Steven's Pass.  Mind you, we almost ran out of gas on the way up the pass and cruised almost 10 miles in neutral thanks to Anthony's mad gas efficiency skills.

We drove by the Reptile Farm, and just had to stop there.  Here are some photos from the farm along with some pictures of my pretty friends :)  The Reptile Farm had so many different creatures including an albino alligator, and siamese turtles (named Pete & Re-Pete)...which one came first? :/  According to the caregivers, both sides of the turtle are extremely friendly and outgoing (literally? haha)  Anyway, here are some shots from the weekend! Enjoy :)

 Anthony, my roomie and bestfriend morphing into a teenage mutant ninja turtle

Pete & Re-pete
 What a big snake you've got there...

 What a life...
"Nobody bought me a cake...none of my friends even got me a cake..."

College Roomies :)
 No shave Movember...Kind of..