Friday Harbor 2012

Every year around the 4th of July, my dad, sister, and I hop on a ferry boat to Friday Harbor, and we camp at Lakedale Resort.  This year, we gathered in as many others as we could (aunts, cousins, uncles, boyfriend) to go on this caravan with us.  My aunt and uncle flew in from Taipei with my two cousins Lee and Madeleine (Bean for short).  My cousin Chris flew in from Atlanta, and my uncle came in from Muraga.  Here's my dad's side of my family!  I'll add more camping photos later :)

 David (Dad)
 Iris (Sister)
 Robbie (Boyfriend)
 Madeleine/Bean (Cousin)
 Lorraine (Aunt--Dad's younger sister)
 Joseph (Uncle--Dad's younger brother)
 Lee (Cousin)
 Paul (Uncle)

Joseph & Chris (Cousin)...didn't have a portrait for some reason of Chris

& with the family around, an anti-diet/marshmallow party ensues...