My Best Friend's Graduation

My best friend, Nika Lin, and I have known each other for 16 years.  We met on the playground at Woodridge Elementary in the 1st grade while playing on the monkey bars both by ourselves.  (This is something that ESL kids do since they don't have others to talk to...) We both spoke Mandarin so naturally, we ate lunch together whenever we could. 

We weren't very similar, and we still aren't.  She's a vegetarian, extremely neat, loves tax accounting, stresses out when there's nothing to do, and can give you the low-down on all the newest ios/droid apps.  ln the extra downtime she's accumulated since graduation, she's gotten into "stress testing" all her friends with this really cool droid app....she also measures her sleep to make sure her sleep pattern is consistent.  I, on the other hands, eat everything in sight (some call me a scavenger), use my floor as an extension of my dresser, and throw away all my receipts.  These dissimilarities are what makes us Pig and Pooh; we are a dynamic duo.  I love her for the unspoken connections we have (no homo), and for our ability to keep each other sane.  Nika Lin is my best friend, room-mate, and sister.  This past year has gone by so quickly [insert more cliche quotes here].....What I'm trying to say is just that I am so proud and happy.  Happy Happy Joy Joy Ren & Stimpy Style.

ANYWAY, here are some photos from graduation.  Congratulations UW Foster Class of 20121!

Daisy aka POOH BEAR