Photos from Way Back When?

I've been in Bejing for 2 months now.  I'm getting into a routine of scrambling my a$$ to work (on time lately I might add), hitting the gym, putting a dent in the clothing market, visiting the local stand for veggies, and taking the subway back home while listening to Thanh Thanh's, Alexis's, or my own mix.  Beijing is such a large city; there are buildings to the horizon in every direction you look, and people around every corner...quite literally.  The weather is getting nicer; pretty soon I can shed my winter coat for the season and whip out the SHORTS!!! (pants are so constricting >:(  )

I flip through photos whenever I have some time to myself.  I like to take photos of people I love, people I just met, and people I don't know.  Life is simple, love is sweet.  Love is simple, life is sweet.  If you want to believe in something, it's yours.

Here is a two part series of photos I've compiled over the last few years.  The first set is just from photobooth on my macbok.  They're not particularly artsy or fancy, and they may not mean anything to you, but these sweet memories are what I hold closest to my heart.  I hope you all have memories you can conjure up this quickly with your loved ones as I do.  I am so thankful for all of you.  We may have been in a hurry, feelin' the mood, or just hangin' in the great company of each other.  Life was good; life is good; life will continue to be good having known you all; I can't wait for all of you I have yet to meet, and the adventures we will all have.

I love you guys, I miss you back home.  Thank you for all these times we've had, to be given this feeling to miss you guys, and the overwhelming feeling of joy when I flip through these pictures.  They say a picture says a thousand words; I don't think you need that many to know what's up.

  1. Please note the Husky Pride--All three colored sweatshirts featured with Leo in the photos
  2. Not all my closest friends are in my photobooth :( Don't worry you'll be in the next post!
  3. Miss you all :)

Sleeping in Ode


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Ray's Teeth...
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My lovely sister

Princess Jasmine :) 

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My place at UW :) Graduation gift

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