Already feeling like home :)

Hi all!  I've been in Beijing for a week officially as of Tuesday.  Things have been going smoothly, although my Chinese could definitely use some work.  I was a bit afraid of the pollution/smog that has been reported in Beijing, but things have cleared it (some days, the AQI index is the same as Seattle's).  Work has been nice, people in Beijing are helpful, and my room mate and coworkers are also fantastic. Also, I have the next 7 days off, which isn't too shabby after one week of work :)

There are so many people in the city that it seems sometimes they seem to blend into one another, but everyone still retains innate characteristics of kindness, love, and stress (the latter more often than I'd like to see ;) ) And with more people here, these kind acts also seem more prevalent.  The lines between age, sexes, and ethnicity become blurred thoughtfully.  Of course, with more people there also comes a wider spectrum of mannerisms--some of which are negative, but as they-- say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think Beijing is pretty beautiful.

Thank you especially to my new lovely friends Ryan and Will for being so great during my first week here. I'm looking forward to exploring more of this city.  Also, for those of you who haven't heard I've acquired a dog and cat at our new apartment :)  This is Niu Niu (pretty girl) and Den Long (Lantern).  Niu Niu was 10 kwai (~$1.50) and Ryan found Niu Niu living in a spare tire as a kitten; she was so skittish at first, she enjoyed hiding in a hanging paper lantern for the first two months.  Here are some photos from my first weekend here!

Happy Lunar New Year!

♡  Daisy