Why you so SERIOUS PIE?...

Hi All,

Sorry I've been MIA!  My car got broken into near my new place in SLU and my camera was stolen, but now I'm back with some more blogging and a new camera :) We celebrated one of my best friend's birthdays last night (Alexis) but don't have any good photos to show for it... HOWEVER...my boyfriend Rob and I thought we'd check out Serious Pie down the street for some Brunch Recoverin' and I snapped a few photos from there!

Robbie had the Hamhock & Collard Greens Biscuit while I kept it real southern with Zach's Biscuit (Country Fried Chicken, Bacon, Fried Eggs, Gravy all on a biscuit).  It was wonderful, but probably the first and last time I will eat that for fear of an early heart attack.  They're definitely worth checking out, especially the lemonade ;)