A bit of heaven

My ba was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer the start of 2017. I wish the good flowers weren't always picked first, but I suppose that's how it goes. I want to thank you for all the love and support that's come from all directions during this time.  And I wish you all to feel the type of true love from one another, with your hearts calm enough to look and open enough to feel.

Some say heaven is where we go after this, some say we are already in heaven. I've been thinking that maybe it’s everything from the past, the future, and in between when we exist in moments of love. If one day, we will reach a dimension where time is no longer relevant, all that will matter is each moment.  And one day when we forget where our souls and spirits have gone, we will be alright knowing we have felt things this life so deeply, that even if our minds cannot remember, our hearts will know. We are pure; we are whole at our core. Our souls have taken refuge in these bodies to allow us to feel—things that move us, love for ourselves, and love for one another. And when we are no more, I can only hope it is because we have become this love. Until then, here are some photos from my earthly heaven with my dad over this last year before he became nothing but love. 

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